Facts about erectile dysfunction

In the past very few people used to talk about this issue, considering it a kind of shameful secret, difficult to unravel. Fortunately, times have changed. Currently, it is known that erectile disorders, including erectile dysfunction, are diseases commonly found in men. In order to help men get rid of these health problems medical specialists have created numerous special treatments.

Researchers observed after many studies that most erectile dysfunction are based on a medical problem. Over 80% of cases are based on an adjacent health disorder. The most common medical causes that favor the appearance of impotence are: hypertension, diabetes, neurological disorders, various injuries or wounds, vascular disorders, high cholesterol level, problems with the prostate, gastric ulcer, cancer, etc. Also lifestyle can worsen this condition: smoking, alcohol abuse, drugs, obesity, sedentary living.

Erectile dysfunction occurs most often in older men because they can also suffer from other health disorders. But this does not mean that elderly men comfort themselves to the idea that it is time to give up an active sex life. Elderly people who want to have a healthy and satisfying sex life should keep under control any health problems. There are now many treatment options that can help restore the intimate connection of the couple, regardless of age they have.

A man suffering from erectile dysfunction does not indicate that is not virile. An erectile dysfunction problem is directly related to man’s inability to maintain an erection satisfactory for the intercourse, but men can have an orgasm and can ejaculate. Moreover, most are able to produce sperm to conceive. Equally, erectile dysfunction is not related to masculinity. In most cases, impotence is caused by various health disorders.

In most cases, medical treatment for erectile dysfunction is not complicated. Diagnosis is often only a simple routine examination; do not consider it an embarrassing situation.

Smoking causes impotence. Unfortunately, this is not a myth. Many medical researchers have proven that smoking indeed causes erectile dysfunction by decreasing blood flow to the penis. Nicotine, this addictive chemical, restricts blood flow to the penis by blocking the arteries. In addition to cloggy arteries, nicotine affects valve system of the veins that stores blood in the penis during the erection.

Impotence is not caused by unprotected sexual intercourse. In some infections, such as herpes, there is even the possibility to remain in a prolonged excitation, because the virus affects nerve cells of the reproductive system.

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