Medication and erectile dysfunction

Pills One man out of ten suffers from erectile dysfunction, but few are diagnosed in time and assisted to solve this problem. If the man is up to 35 years, erectile dysfunction has psychological causes, while older men have organic problems (endocrine condition, heart disease or hypertension). 25% of cases of erectile dysfunction in men over 35 years are due to organic causes, and not psychological.

Medication is an important reason for erectile dysfunction; many drugs influence the sexual function. As a rule, do not change your medication by yourself if you are experiencing difficulties maintaining an erection. It is best to see a doctor first.

Blood pressure drugs are used in case of high blood pressure; they maintain blood pressure at normal levels. There are drugs that reduce the amount of blood flow in the genitals and can interfere with the mechanism of erection. Since an erection requires sufficient blood in the penile tissue, any serious blood circulation disorder can have an impact on sexual function. Artery disease affects the major arteries and blocks blood flow to the penis.

Although some of drugs in this category decrease sexual desire, not all of them have such risks.

Anxiolytics drugs are used to treat panic attacks and in some cases can diminish sexual desire. This category of drugs includes benzodiazepines and benzodiazepine (diazepam, clonazepam etc.) Antidepressant medication fights against depression, but also can affect in a negative way erection or ejaculation. These drugs act by flooding the bloodstream with serotonin, a chemical that signals pleasure. The more serotonin you have in your blood the less desire for sex. Abuse of drugs and alcohol is associated with a decrease in sexual desire.

Researchers believe age does not affect men’s sexual appetite. Previous studies have shown that older men have a low testosterone level; this hormone is very important sexual desire. Recent studies have demonstrated that testosterone decreases only if there are health problems. People at risk are those suffering from obesity, diabetes or cardiovascular disease. Also sleep is a key factor in male sexuality.

Those who sleep less than five hours a day, more than a week, have extremely low levels of testosterone. The decrease can be even 90%. Another hormone, prolactin, secreted by pituitary gland can lead to a decrease in sex drive if it is made in excess. According to an article published in The International Journal of erectile dysfunction research a medicine that blocks the effects of prolactin has improve the male sexual function. Other drugs like those used to treat mental illness, can also cause erectile dysfunction.

Overweight or obese people very often have problems with sexual desire and suffer from erectile dysfunction. The reason for this is unclear, but it may be related to lack self-confidence, social stigma or unsatisfactory relations.

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