The effects of erectile dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction in men is not limited to inability to have a penile erection. Also known as impotence, erectile dysfunction can describe the additional problems a person can have besides his erections.

Regardless of causality psychological or physiological, impotence can affect not only the man with erectile dysfunction but also his life partner. Many people, who experience erectile dysfunction, whether directly or in a relationship, are predisposed to intense emotions. As they face these feelings, many people reach the point where they lose self confidence and are desperate. Sexual insecurity can be felt by both partners and can create tension and confusion within the couple.

Men pride themselves on their sexual skills. Their performance in this area appears to be an important factor that contributes to their self respect. When a man suffers from impotence, this does not only affect his sexual life but his entire life and state of mind. Besides the main causes of impotence, feelings of insecurity, stress and anxiety can contribute to worsening this condition.

At the psychological level, erectile dysfunction can affect every part of life of a man. He may begin questioning his relationship, job, and ability to interact socially. Discussing openly and honestly about what is going on in their lives with medical doctors or life partners, men who experience this problem can begin treatment more quickly and more easily. The treatment is being represented, in some cases, by prescribed drugs or natural alternatives (Viga Plus, Cali Plus, and Dura Male).

The life partners, themselves, may feel the effects of this affection.  They may consider that the source or cause of erectile dysfunction is their inability to satisfy their partner. This can affect self-esteem, therefore it is important that both partners to be open minded and understanding when they are discussing about erectile dysfunction.

There are surgical and non-surgical approaches used in traditional medicine to cure erectile dysfunction. Non-surgical options include sexual therapy, hormone replacement therapy, drugs, urethral suppositories, vacuum devices and injections personally administrated.  Surgical options involve implants into the penis, reconstructive vascular surgery and ligature of blood vessels.

When looking on various treatments, men and couples should consider a number of aspects. First, the decisive factor is comfort. Some men might not be comfortable to self-administration of injections, for example, so they will want to try other options. Secondly, the costs involved in such treatments are also important. Also is important that you discuss details of the treatments against erectile dysfunction with medical doctors, because not all treatments have the same results for all men.

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